Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Necklace Examples

The pictures really don't do the beads justice, but you get the general idea. On the chunky one above the one that looks white is really a light green cloth covered bead. The reddish looking ones below are actually a brown. Silly cheap lighting in my house.

Headbands (Crochet)

Same flowers as the hats but on a headband that ties in the back so you can wear it any time of year. $4 for any color or color combination!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


$5 for a beanie style hat. Any color or color combination. I know winter is over but they are just so FUN!


Any bead or charm can be made into earrings. I am having a special where my earrings are usually $4 each you can get 2 pair for $5. Also if you buy a matching watch and necklace set I will include a pair of matching earrings FREE!!! These pictures are just a taste, tell me what you want and I can make it happen!

More Examples

Here are some better pictures of some more of the necklaces I have made. This style can have a chain in the back to make the size adjustable or be bead all the way around so there is not front or back. Because it is all custom made you just tell me what you want! Can be worn as one long chain or doubled. The choice is yours!